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Fundamentals of
 Excavator Operation
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Click for Video One - The Excavator
The Excavator

Click for Video Two - Trench Digging
Trench Digging

Click for Video Three - Trench Servicing and Backfilling
Trench Servicing & Backfilling

Click for Video Four - Loading Haul Units
Loading Haul Units

Click for Video Five - Bench and Sloping
Benching and Sloping





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"Train Today for a Safer, More Productive Tomorrow"

The track excavator is probably the most versatile piece of equipment used in the construction industry today. Countless excavator operators are presently working in an unsafe and inefficient manner. Learning to take full advantage of this amazing piece of equipment must be a top priority for construction companies, training organizations, municipal and public works crews.

Let us help. You will discover the useful ideas and key techniques used by many successful operators in the construction industry. We offer tips that will immediately and dramatically improve the productivity and workplace safety. It is very easy to improve efficiency, productivity, and workplace safety to the point where it could save thousands of dollars on a single construction site alone.

There are few excavator training videos on the market today and none that give you what you really need to achieve the goal of safety, production, and operator awareness.

Our videos give precise and concise information that has worked for journeyperson operators and have been utilized by experienced trainers to pass on to others, videos that contain fundamental techniques to make excavator operators successful. The highest quality video production and editing techniques enhance the training material and does not distract the viewer with a poor technical presentation or unnecessary information.

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Fundamentals of Excavator Operation Training DVD
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